Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) is our region's community leadership development and engagement organization.  LMR began in 1980 to improve racial, gender, and socio-economic divides in our area's community leadership. Today over 2,000 diverse leaders have participated in our 10-month leadership development program, Leadership Quest. Our graduates mirror our region and include individuals who have been publicly recognized as key leaders in our area and leaders who quietly make significant impact in their communities.  We connect diverse leaders with one another and partner with organizations to create opportunities for community engagement.  LMR provides leaders with an environment for high-performing conversations, broadens their knowledge and perspectives about our region, and inspires them to serve unselfishly.


Leadership Metro Richmond connects and educates diverse community leaders, inspiring them to serve the Richmond Region.


Knowledge and Continuous Learning

We believe that leaders bring added value when they are equipped with knowledge of and various perspectives about our community.
Our Commitment:  We equip leaders with that knowledge and those perspectives and we enhance community leadership skills through continuous learning experiences.

Inclusion and Respect

We believe in the unique attributes that make each person who he or she is and the viewpoints that he or she brings.
Our Commitment:  We respect all individuals and value their contributions to our community and intentionally connect leaders of varying backgrounds and perspectives.

Connecting and Engaging

We believe that personal relationships and connections between leaders create better understanding and problem solving in the community.
Our Commitment:  We connect diverse community leaders and provide opportunities for engagement and relationship building.

Service to Community

We believe that every leader has a vested interest in the well-being of our community.
Our Commitment:  We encourage community leaders to make positive contributions and to serve unselfishly.

Open Conversations

We believe that in order to serve the community best, we must have an environment where individuals can engage in high-performing conversations characterized by respect, courtesy and compassion.
Our Commitment:  We convene forums where leaders engage in high-performing conversations around issues of importance to our community.

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