Coaches RVA is a collaborative project with Partnership for the Future (PFF).  The purpose of PFF is to provide high-potential metro Richmond high school students from challenging circumstances with the tools and experiences necessary to attain a college degree.  Coaches RVA is a multi-year program that provides coaching and guidance to PFF college students throughout their college experience by pairing students with LMR members, who serve as volunteer coaches.  Coaches training for our participating members is conducted by the Virginia Mentoring Partnership.

Volunteer coaches commit to working with their students throughout their college studies, interacting with them on an agreed timeframe.  The matching of a student and coach focuses on the student’s school, educational plans, and career choice and the alma mater, major, and profession of the coach.  Students then receive academic and career advice throughout their college career.  Such comprehensive support is designed to ensure student success and ultimate graduation from college.  Coaching in a college environment provides role modeling for professional leadership and facilitates the development of competencies and stronger interpersonal skills.  The students receive exposure to diverse experiences and gain access to local influential resources within their field of study or desired profession.