Each year the Leadership Quest program participants take part in a regional issue immersion and analysis experience.  These self-selected teams are based on concern for a specific issue.  Class members are expected to:

  • Employ inquiry as a community leadership skill
  • Use analytical methods to understand complex issues involving multiple stakeholders and conflicting agendas
  • Think about long-term improvements at a systemic, policy level

Below you will find the final reports from the Leadership Quest Class of 2019's immersion experience.

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Group Members: Ren Bell, Jordan Brown, Chris Fullman, Pierre Green, Jeffrey Katz, Todd Kilduff, David Maloney, Andrew Pegalis, Renee Robinson, and David Sams

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Group Members: Matt Aman, Monica Brinkley Davis, Josh Epperson, Christopher Rashad Green, D. Pulane Lucas, Casey Erin Lucier, Suzanne Makarem, Marilyn Milio, Tanza Westrey, and Ashley Williams

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Group Members: Stephen Alexander, Kelly Fried, Bobby Hulme-Lippert, Stephen Lecky, Shawn Nicholson, Ben Pace, Ty Parr, John Richardson-Lauve, Karen Wilson, and Andrea Wortzel

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Group Members: Kerry Blumberg, Cheri Dahl, Jay Essex, Todd Feldman, Doug Granger, Nick Haltom, Robin Pope-Moss, Jacki Quinlan, and Missy Reynolds

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Group Members: Patricia Bradby, Joshua Farrar, Bridget Fitzpatrick, Chris Jones, Reba Mendoza, Sarah Milston, Cindy Minto, Jess Powers, Ruth Prideaux, and Mike Szvetitz

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Group Members: Molly Dean Bittner, Mollie Brooks, Kim Dean-Anderson, Chris Frelke, Adrienne Cole Johnson, Allison Lawrence, Kim McKnight, Haley McLaren, and Micah White
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Group Members: Sheryl Adams, Saman Aghaebrahim, Ian Batt, Nekeeia Brooks, Andrew Daire, Alan Davis, James Davis, David Kunnen, Suyapa Marquez, and Keron Tull