• Team Up with Top Leaders
    Leadership Quest selects top regional talent across profit, nonprofit and government organizations and connects them to transform community leadership.
  • Learn More About Regional Issues
    As a member of this diverse group of community stakeholders, you will gain an insider's view into the various issues that impact our region.
  • Play a Bigger Role Within Your Organization
    Your in-depth knowledge of these regional issues will make you an informed and highly-valued resource in any organization.
  • Enhance Skills for Community-Wide Leadership
    You will learn about essential tools such as innovation for social change, policy analysis, regional planning, coalition building, intercultural communication and managing change.
  • Identify Your Role in Advancing the Region
    See how your knowledge and expertise can contribute to advancing the Richmond region and leave the program with your personal strategic plan for taking your community leadership to the next level.

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"LMR provided an opportunity to gain leadership skills, understand the importance of community involvement, and to interact with and learn from community leaders."

- Linda Jackson-Shaw, LMR Class of 1985
Human Resource Director, Department of Juvenile Justice, Commonwealth of Virginia


"LMR has done a lot for me in my life and career – even though I go all the way back to 1985, I have not forgotten the lessons learned, still cherish the friendships made, and benefit from the sense of commitment and community engagement that the program brought into my life."

- Willard Scribner, LMR Class of 1985
Principal & Architect, Scribner Messer Brady & Wade


"I was fortunate to become a member of LMR very early in my professional and community life in Richmond. Both the networking and the various forums are as valuable now as they were then to listen and to speak."

- Janine Y. Bell, LMR Class of 1992
President & Artistic Director, Elegba Folklore Society


"Time and time again, I hear the following from LMR graduates- native Richmonders and those who call the region their new home-  'Without my experiences in LMR, it would have taken me years to develop the appreciation I have for our region's needs.'  Indeed, as LMR graduates, we all have acquired the knowledge of Richmond's assets and challenges and can relate readily to the needs of our region, and the resources which exist to address them, in this place we proudly call home.

- Dr. Stewart D. Roberson, LMR Class of 1997
President & CEO, Moseley Architects


"The LMR experience provided me with insight into Greater Richmond's global issues and introduced me to a network of business and government leaders who I can partner with to address these issues."

- Thom Gelozin, LMR Class of 1997
Controller, Central Virginia, Better Business Bureau


"I thought I knew the Richmond area until I went through LMR and obtained a much better understanding and appreciation of RVA.  It was very beneficial, in so many ways."

-The Honorable Ralph L. "Bill" Axselle, LMR Class of 1999
Attorney & Former VA Delegate, Williams Mullen


"During my class time in LMR, I was elected to Richmond City Council which has given me the opportunity to be engaged in many issues facing our region. I know that so many people affecting change have been a member of LMR and appreciate the concept of servant leadership."

- Christopher Allen Hilbert, LMR Class of 2005
Senior Community Housing Officer, Virginia Housing Development Authority
President, Richmond City Council


"I was significantly involved in the community and I have remained since graduating from LMR. I've enjoyed being able to say I graduated from LMR. I have stayed involved with my 2010 class most recently volunteering together at the Food Bank."

- Penny McPherson, LMR Class of 2010
VP & Senior Community Development Officer, Wells Fargo


"Leadership Metro Richmond played an integral part in my acclamation to the greater Richmond and Virginia communities.  I cannot imagine a better introduction, and particularly value my colleague LMR classmates, many of whom I keep in close contact with today. I applaud the LMR for its consistently strong programs, and for keeping a pulse on what is important in our community."

- Toni Ardabell, LMR Class of 2012
CEO, Bon Secours Virginia